Rules of Conduct


1) It has to be quiet in the urbanization from 24.00 to 7.00.
2) You can easily hear noise between houses. Please respect your neighbors and avoid loud activities on Sundays and on bank holidays.
3) Playing soccer or otherwise disturbing sports activities are only permitted in the area between the upper tennis court (Pista 1) and the walkway below the lower pool.
4) It is necessary to show the Gran Vista cards at request from the guards, lifeguards or from house owners, especially when using the urbanization’s installations.
5) It is the owner’s responsibility to control, that the people who live in the house follow the Rules of Conduct. The owner has to pay for the possible damages, which have been caused by persons using the house.
6) It is forbidden to practice commercial activities inside the urbanization without permission from Zona Central.
7) Camping in Gran Vista (meaning sleeping other than in houses) is prohibited.

Traffic and parking

1) It has to be quiet and as little traffic as possible in Gran Vista. Please use means of transport that are not noisy.
2) There is a speed limit of 20 km/hour inside Gran Vista.
3) Motor bikes (and mopeds) may only be used in the streets and in order to transport objects to the houses inside the urbanization. It is forbidden to use motorbikes for amusement.
4) It is only allowed to park in the parking for the house or the house garage or in the public car parks. Only vehicles and caravans that fit in a designated parking space in the public car parks may use such parking space.
5) The public car parks are situated below the entrance of Gran Vista and on the two side streets of the urbanization, but only on the side farthest from the houses.
6) Parking is not allowed in any other areas in the urbanization. That means that it is forbidden to park in the turning areas at the end of the streets and in the streets in front of the houses.
7) Parking in the public car parks is not allowed for a longer period of time than 21 days in a row. Caravans can park for maximum one week in the public car park.

The swimming pools

1) The swimming pools can only be used by persons living in the house with companions. You have to be able justify that you live in the house (c.f. above General).
2) The swimming pools can be used from June 15 to September 15 and between 10:00 am and 22:00 pm (schedule of the pool lifeguard). Swimming at times when no pool guard is present is entirely at the risk of the swimmer.
3) From 22:00 on there must be peace in the pool areas.
4) Children younger than 10 years of age must be accompanied by adult persons.
5) It is compulsory to take a shower before bathing.
6) All persons, regardless of age, must use bathing clothes and small Children, diapers.
7) Toys and similar things must be cleaned before use.
8) It is forbidden to play with balls inside and around the swimming pools.
9) Radios and compact discs and similar may only be used with head phones
10) It is forbidden to bring to the swimming pools glass objects because of the risk for cut injuries.
11) It is not allowed to leave objects (from sunbeds, umbrellas, towels, etc.) in the pool area, when the owners (including owner family members or guests) or tenants are not present.

The tennis courts

1) The tennis courts can only be used to play tennis. You have to use sport shoes.


2) There is a booking list for every week for the two courts in the cupboard at Court number 1.
3) During the summer you can book time in the guard house (Gran Vista entrance).
4) The person who lives in the house can book one hour (c.f. above General).
5) At least one of the players must live in a Gran Vista house.
6) You can only book one hour onwards per house, and when you have used it, it Is possible to book a new hour per house. If an owner has booked more than one hour it is considered not valid and can be used by another house.
7) A court, which has been booked but not used within ten minutes after the Booked time, is available for another person.


1) Dogs and cats must be tied and dogs must have a leash if outside of the house.
2) It is the proprietor’s obligation to pick up the excrements of the dog.
3) It is forbidden walking dogs on the grass areas.
4) The owner of a dog has the obligation to see to it that the neighbors are not disturbed by the dog’s barking.
5) It is forbidden to feed cats outdoors in the urbanization, except for owned one(s).