How is Gran Vista Governed

The Escritura for Gran Vista defines the subdivision of the area as well as how Gran Vista is to be governed.

Gran Vista was built in 9 phases and for each finished phase an independent legal unit – a ”Comunidad de Propietarios”(“Owners association”) – was established and is named a “Phase” in Gran Vista. Each phase has its own escritura which defines it and the individual houses in the phase. In addition to the individual phases Gran Vista consists of common areas and installations, such as garden areas, swimming pools, tennis courts, local shop Treffen etc. These areas and installations are termed (Gran Vista) Zona Central (often abbreviated ZC).

The law regulating our and similar urbanizations, as well as apartment blocks, is ”Ley de Propiedad Horizontal” (Horizontal Property Act), which contains rules about governance etc.

Each individual phase can decide on questions pertaining only to that phase. The forum for decisions is primarily the Annual General Meeting, but Extra Ordinary meetings can also be called for. Each phase at the Annual General Meeting chooses a President and a Secretary and an Administrator. Some phases have in addition chosen a Vice President and/or an auditor. The Administrator handles different kinds of administrative tasks for the phase. In Gran Vista 8 out of 9 phases and Zona Central at present use the same Administrator (Mediterráneo Servicios de Gestion Inmobiliaria S.A.U).

For the governance of the common areas and installations and for decisions on other questions concerning the area as a whole, such as Rules of Conduct and Guidelines for Exterior Changes there is a common board. It is termed the Board for (Gran Vista) Zona Central. It consists of the Presidents and Secretaries from all the phases. The ZC Board chooses within itself a President and Secretary and appoints an Administrator. In later years the ZC Board also has appointed two Vice Presidents and an auditor.
The phases as well as Zona Central normally have their annual general meetings in March or April each year (around Easter). Many phases and Zona Central usually also have an extra ordinary meeting at the turn of the month October/November.

To get in contact with the President or Secretary of your phase, please contact Mediterráneo telephone 966 699 113 or via email:

The mission for Zona Central (presented by the Chairman of Zona Central Tommy Persson) is
– to make living and visits in Gran Vista for house owners and their families and visitors enjoyable, safe and convenient.
– Gran Vista represents a total property value of probably more than 100 million Euros.

This value shall be defended and through good governance and investments be upheld or increased.
– Good cost control shall aim at keeping house owner fees reasonable for phase and Gran Vista memberships.
– To be a very competent and efficient body in preventing emergencies and if emergencies happen acting fast, efficiently and constructively.

The executive board of Gran Vista Zona Central (elected April 3, 2018)

Tommy Persson, president
Aquilino Martin, secretary
Henrik Nebrelius, vice president
Alejandro Gonzáles, vice president

For contacts refer to the Zona Central Administrator (see below).
Committees of Gran Vista Zona Central with chairmen
Guidelines for exterior changes: Luis Gomis
Garden Committee: Alejandro Gonzáles
Water committee: Juan Antonio Hernandez
Long term investment plan: Henrik Nebrelius

For contacts refer to the Zona Central Administrator (see below).

Contact to the Administrator Gran Vista Zona Central (see below).

Administrator and Guidelines Secretary for Gran Vista Zona Central MEDITERRANEO ATTN. stephanie Annel Vogel
Avda. Escandinavia 72, Manzana D local 20 03130 Gran Alacant -Santa Pola
+34 966 699 113