Cockroach Problems?

– Keep all drains, sinks, showers and bathtubs moist (use water every second day)

– Put metal mesh in all floor drains

– Do not throw leftovers in drains or toilets

– Do not leave food for pets outdoors or open

– Put cockroach traps in your house (bathrooms, under kitchen cabinets or dark places)

– Use insect spray (insecticide) around doors, windows and vents

– at ground level close doors when dark (most common way in)

When leaving the house for longer periods:

– Pour a little cooking oil or Domestos in all drains, sinks, showers and bath tubs

– Cover the outlets from sinks, showers and drains

– Remove or carefully wrap all foods

– In necessary put out cockroach traps

NEVER kill a cockroach by stepping on it or hitting it

Use an insecticide (insect spray), then you also kill the eggs

(This is a summary of Tuesdays meeting March 15th at Treffen)