Entrance phone


First you have to register the telephone to your house. It may be a permanent ‘fixed’ line or a mobile phone. Only through that telephone number can you open the system if it is demanded by someone wishing to enter Gran Vista. It is also possible to register one other number as well.

Registration is requested contacting the Adminstration (MSGI).

MEDITERRANEO Avda. Escandinavia 72, Manzana D local 20 03130 Gran Alacant – Santa Pola +34 966 699 113 email: arenales@msgi.es

After registration a 4-digit entry code will be sent to you (xxxx).

The visitor will input into a communication terminal at the right hand side of the entry car gate a 4-digit number combined for a 2-digit number for the street followed by a 2-digit number for the house number and then the * symbol. It shall be followed by the 4-digit entry code received from the house owner followed by #. Input numbers are shown at the bottom of this information for all streets.

If it is a pedestrian he/she should stand at the terminal and expect the gate to the right to be opened.

If it a car is requesting entry it has to be placed over the yellow lines.

One example 1022*xxxx#

The input will establish a physical call between the house owner phone and the communication terminal.

Maximum time to speak is 59 seconds. Within the time span of 30 seconds the house owner shall press the digit

  1. on the registered telephone in order to open the pedestrian entrance gate or the digit
  2. on the registered telephone in order to open the car entrance gate

The person who wants to leave Gran Vista needs to call and tell you when he/she is located in the right place to be able for you to execute opening of gates.

A pedestrian should stand at the left promenade entrance (as seen from the inside).

A car should stand at the right driveway on the yellow area when leaving (as seen as seen from the inside).

For both cases call 608007142 (from a foreign phone you may need to start with the prefix for Spain 0034 (+34)).

After a certain time the system ends the call (without cost) and opens the relevant gates.

The code for your own house is (see relevant list below for house numbers with A or B)

For Calle Mozart, press 1 and your house number plus *

For Calle Vivaldi, press 2 and your house number plus *

For Calle Haendel, press 3 and your house number plus *

For Calle Bach, press 4 and your house number plus *

For Calle Strauss, press 5 and your house number plus *

For Calle Haydn, press 6 and your house number plus *

For Calle Schubert, press 7 and your house number plus *

For Calle Ravel, press 8 and your house number plus *

For Calle Verdi, press 9 and your house number plus *

For Calle Chopin, press 10 and your house number plus *

Exemple: Calle Vivaldi no. 17: press 217*, Bach 1: press 401*, Verdi 10 press 910*

(For house numbers 1 to 9 note thus that the code will be 01, 02, 03 etc.)

House numbers with A or B

Mozart 21A press 1211*, Mozart 21B press 1212*

Vivaldi 1A press 250*, Vivaldi 1B press 251*

Haendel 28 press 370*, Haendel 29 press 371*

Bach 19A press 460*, Bach 19B press 461*

Bach 43A press 480*, Bach 43B press 481*

Bach45A press 482*, Bach 45B press 483*

Haydn 19A press 650*, Haydn 19B press 651*

Schubert 1A press 752*, Schubert 1B press 753*

Schubert 21A press 750*, Schubert 21B press 751*

Ravel 21A press 850*, Ravel 21B press 851*

Verdi 19A press 960*, Verdi 19b press 961*

Chopin 23A press 1050*, Chopin 23B press 1051*